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Zipp 900 Rear Disc Wheel





The Zipp 900 Rear Disc Wheel is the first disc to take into account the specific rim geometry required to properly blend the airflow behind the tire. And the result is more speed for you. Historically, clincher discs have used an aluminum rim post bonded to the outside of a flat or lenticular disc wheel. While this approach leads to a strong and easily manufactured disc wheel, it can cause significant turbulence as the air trips over the interface between the tire extrusion and the disc. The other limitation of traditional designs is the necessity of using a rim that is not welded so that the rim can be spread apart and post-bonded onto a pre-cured disc body. In order to address all of these problems we worked for over 2 years on rim shapes, tooling, and manufacturing techniques that allow us to prolong airflow adhesion over the disc and tire, and Zipp integrated their proprietary M2CM co-molding technology to eliminate post-bonding of aluminum to carbon.

The result is the revolutionary clincher disc that combines their patented bulge rim shape with ABLC dimpled surfaces and a carbon fiber over Nomex honeycomb core to create the world’s fastest clincher disc. What’s more, the hollow structure at the perimeter of the wheel reduces the rotational inertia while improving road handling due to compliance in the sidewalls. Incorporating Zipp’s VCLC technology for the first time in a disc, the Zipp 900 Rear Disc Wheel reduces road vibration by up to 11% while damping high frequency vibrations. The Zipp 900 Rear Disc Wheel is aerodynamically optimized for tires between 19 and 23mm wide, and requires no rim tape. is one of the premier retailers for the Zipp 900 Rear Disc Wheel.


  • VCLC (Visco-Elastic Constrained Layer Control) kills vibration, increases stiffness and responsiveness.
  • M2CM co-molding technology ensures the strongest bonding between carbon and aluminum.
  • Total disc weight: 1219g(Clincher), 936g(Tubular)
  • Aero Rim Width: 25mm(Clincher), 23mm(Tubular)

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