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Zipp Super-9 Rear Disc Wheel





Zipp’s new Super-9 rear disc wheel is 40% stiffer than their 900 rear disc while matching the Sub-9’s amazing ability to actually generate forward lift. The Zipp Super-9 disc also slots cleanly into the tightest of chainstays by tapering in width from 27.5mm at the hub to 23mm at the perimeter. The Zipp Super-9 disc also has a slightly wider tire bed than Zipp’s other discs to achieve superb aerodynamics with tire widths from 21-23mm.

Targeted towards races won on full-throttle power such as time trials, track racing and triathlon, the Super-9 saves you an average of 104 seconds / 34 watts over 40K. Like most of Zipp’s wheels, the Super-9 utilizes the patented and instantly recognizable dimpled pattern (ABLC Technology), to create a durable and fast wheel. is a premier retailer of the Zipp Super-9 rear disc wheel.

  • Weight: 995g
  • Aero Rim Width: 27.5mm
  • Carbon Bridge Technology
  • Patented ABLC Dimpled Pattern

* is the premier Zipp Wheels dealer. Please call us @ 1-888-289-1874 for pricing, CycleOps PowerTap power meters, custom wheel orders, or expert advice.

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