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Zipp Tangente Tire, Clincher





Zipp Tangente Clincher Dimpled Tires

The unrelenting speed enthusiast understands the details.

Zipp knows the tire is the leading and trailing edge of your wheel’s airfoil and affects aerodynamic performance by up to 30%. And you want that speed all for yourself. The Zipp Tangente Clincher Tire is faster by design. Conventional wisdom says a time trial tire should be a smooth as possible to keep the air flowing over the wheel. But the reality is, smooth or not, the inherently un aero round cross section of the tire, (remember, the perfect shape on a leading edge is elliptical, not round) punches the air away from the rim with all the finesse of a flying brick. The only solution Create an aerodynamic boundary layer over the tire to trip air into flowing like it’s on an airfoil. In short, dimples. The Zipp Tangente Clincher Tire has 14 months worth of dimple plotting, modeling and calculating plus 2 trips to the wind tunnel to create a dimple pattern with exactly the right surface roughness for boundary-layer formation. Over a year’s worth of hard labor went into the Zipp Tangente Clincher Tire to save your 1-3 precious watts on race day.

Where the rubber meets the road

While the Zipp Tangente Clincher Tire is the most aerodynamic tire in the world (and the only one developed in the wind tunnel) it’s not just a delicate, special-mission TT tire. The Zipp Tangente Clincher Tire got the guts of a hardened road warrior thanks to our partnership with Vittoria. Their expertise helped us optimize the handling, responsiveness and durability of the casing with an ultra-fine 290 tpi Corespan fabric. And the silica rubber compound It’s specially made just for the Tangente because, as it turns out, the gently scooped dimple pattern is so much more crack resistant than grooved tread patterns we can use a lighter, better-gripping rubber with a lower rolling resistance than any other tire on the market. All without sacrificing a bit of durability. The new Tangente tire. Faster. Tougher. Stronger. Just like you. OneTri is one of the premier retailers for the Zipp Tangente Tire, Clincher.

Every last detail engineered for speed


  • 14 months of aerodynamic development…the first wind tunnel designed tire
  • 1-3 watt power savings
  • 21mm width is the optimal blend of aerodynamics, rolling resistance and durability
  • Supple 290 tpi casing
  • Corner-hugging silica rubber compound
  • Puncture resistant construction – hey, you can’t win if you don’t finis
  • Includes tire pressure chart to optimize rolling resistance by rider weight and front/rear use
  • Weight = 197 grams

Available in 21mm width

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