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Zipp VumaQuad Carbon Crankset, steel bearings





The Zipp VumaQuad Carbon Crankset takes compact crank design and performance to another level. At 560 grams, the Zipp VumaQuad Carbon Crankset is the lightest, stiffest, and strongest carbon crank on the market. Passing the new, far stricter CEN fatigue test while many other brands were grandfathered in. This all new four-arm spider comes with a 53/39 chain ring, in a 110mm bolt circle for extra stiffness and in 170, 172.5, 175 and 180mm lengths for the really discerning rider. Zipp’s bonding system is 3 times as strong at holding two separate lugs giving a super light, extra stiff crank. The Q factor is a mere 146mm – the smallest ever measured in the market. The bearings are USA made with ABEC 5 grade races and Grade 10 steel balls, no less than 2.5 times as round as the rest of the industry. The spindle is aluminum 30mm, with a unique design that allows for weight reduction while retaining structural integrity and durability. The VumaQuad tested beyond 100,000 cycles at 1800 Newtons. The Zipp VumaQuad Carbon Crankset is a top of the line lightweight crankset. OneTri is one of the premier retailers for the Zipp VumaQuad Carbon Crankset.

Four-arm Spider: By combining Zipp’s experience with carbon and partnering with the industry’s leading chainring designer, they’ve been able to create a weight-saving four-arm spider that actually fields greater stiffness than any of the heavier five-arm designs on the market.

Chainrings: The stiffness gradient throughout their 53-ttoth chainring is as much as four times less than that of other five-arm chainrings on the market. The final result is a four-arm, 110mm bolt circle diameter chainring that’s at least 14% stiffer than any five-arm/130 BCD chainring on the market.

Carbon Technology: Zipp uses a revolutionary new bonding system with three times more strength than previous systems to encase two separate lugs in the carbon. The result is a featherweight crankset capable of passing, the result is greater stiffness which allows the VumaQuad to pass our battery of internal fatigue tests, including some that are even more rigorous than the new CEN standard.

Compact or full-size versatility: Zipp’s new FullRange 110 bolt circle design lets you run both 50/34 and 53/39 chainrings without any loss of stiffness.

Bearings: Zipp set the standard for wheel bearings specing only ABEC 5 races and Grade 10 steel balls – two-and-a-half times rounder than the rest of the steel bearings in the industry. We expect nothing less from our bottom bracket bearings, so we found an American bearing maker who met our standards for quality and consistency – it’s the first American bearing ever used in a BB. What’s more, the bearings use DuPontTM Krytox Grease. At $85 per ounce it’s the world’s most expensive grease, but it’s been tested to give 2-3 times more service life in the most rigorous industrial environments.


  • 30 mm Aluminum Spindle – stiffer spindle with decreased wall thickness for lighter weight without compromising integrity or durability.
  • NoNuts Chainring Bolts – reduces weight and increases overall crank stiffness by eliminating the stepped down chainring nut.
  • 39-53 double chainrings.
  • Arm lengths available in 170mm, 172.5 mm,175 mm, and 180 mm.
  • Weight: 560 grams with bottom bracket.
  • Standard Grade 10 steel ball bearings.
  • Includes bottom bracket.
  • Includes Pedro’s Vuma bottom bracket wrench.

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