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Zone3 Aeroforce Nano Trisuit 2015 – Men’s – CLEARANCE





Aeroforce is Zone3’s flagship range of tri suits and was described by 220 magazine as being “World Class” in 2013. These suits are pushing the boundaries in sports technology. Fast, stylish, structured and comfortable. You really could not ask for any more from a Tri suit. Not only will you look unstoppable in these suits, but they can really help your performance in the swim, bike and run to get you across that line in the quickest time possible!

Features can be seen below:


1. Aeroforce fabric This is the fabric choice of the large proportion of pro triathletes. Extremely light, breathable, quick drying and offering superior flexibility. Youll feel the difference immediately.

2. Nano-Flo fabric – Top end Nano Technology giving extreme drag resistance both in and out of the water. Dunk this suit into the water and it will come out almost completely dry!

3. Revolution Gloss – A stylish and functional fabric designed to give your core extra support, especially during the swim. It is a race legal fabric and all athletes who have tested the suit say it feels very buoyant and helps align them in the correct streamline position.

4. PU Power Water repellent as well as structured compression to help generate more powerful movements and improve posture and performance, especially on the run.

The panelling is designed to get the best out of each fabric. The Aeroforce along the main front body to offer breathability, flexibility and dynamic benefits. The Revolution Gloss around the hips is there to help support your core and the PU coating carefully applied to promote power and posture control, especially during the late stages of the run. The overall suit is designed to improve your speed, comfort and efficiency across all three disciplines.


1. High quality Italian pad A made to measure race-specific triathlon pad. Not too big and not too small. Minimising water absorption and providing vital protection during the cycling phase without impeding your swim or run. Also, new fine-line stitching to further reduce any irritation.

2. Chest Zip – A waterproof chest zip is used to stop any water entry and allow for extra ventilation and temperature management during the run phase.

3. Total Zip protection Nobody has put as much care into the inner suit protection as us. The full perimeter of the zip has been stitched with a soft fabric to prevent any sharp edges rubbing against your chest. After testing all zipper protectors we felt that an inside patch, as used by many pros, offered the best comfort and performance.

4. Elastic Technology and piping to give a snug fit without any discomfort around the arms and neck lines.

5. Pockets on the back of the suit for nutritional storage

6. Silicone leg grippers An ultra soft 4.5cm silicone leg gripper is used on the end of each leg. This is the same style which many pro cycling teams were using last season. Designed to minimise irritation and provide extra support.

7.Flat locked stitching For maximum strength and minimum discomfort against the skin.

A great looking suit with the performance and comfort needed to maximise your results this season.

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